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We develop solutions for different areas of business


Solutions development for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS providers, integration of software systems with hardware systems (Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, Brocade, etc.), deployment and support of virtualization systems, SDN, SDS

Financial technologies

Data processing, analytics and forecasts based on stock exchange data. Solving business analytics, scoring and monitoring problems for financial and insurance companies. Integration with stock exchange trading platforms (ITCH, FIX, OUCH, AMP), client monitoring systems and data mining from social networks.

Logistics and transportation

Systems for supporting passenger and cargo transportation. Software and hardware systems for supervising use and wear of transport based on machine learning and big data. Vehicle reservation and routing systems.


Managing sales and trade inventories. Sales forecast and shop shelf replenishment. Intelligent price and goods display management. Recommendation engines and loyalty systems based on machine learning.

Advertising management

Advertising content management systems based on guaranteed display models and RTB for mobile and traditional consumers. Ad servers. Analytics and forecast of advertising budgets and inventory in real time. Fraud protection systems. Sociodemographic targeting.

Production sector

Automated processing and analysis of manufacturing data for the purpose of manufacturing execution. Equipment condition monitoring and audit systems. Systems for error and discrepancy detection using pre-determined rules and self-correcting models.


Processing and analysis of big healthcare datasets using big data processing tools and machine learning models.


We strive to use proven and reliable open-source technologies that allow us to provide customers with solutions that offer maximum compliance with industry standards and meet reliability, performance and security requirements.


We love doing projects that are challenging and present non-trivial problems and room for improvement. We have vast experience in the development and support of long-term projects: as of today, human resource investments in our largest project are over 250 man-years (which translates into an actual life cycle of more than 9 years). Often we cannot talk about project details due to NDAs, so we are normally just refer to the customer and provide a general description of services delivered.

Pubmatic, Inc.

In 2008 we commenced working on the Mocean project for the Mojiva start-up. In 2015 Mojiva was acquired by Pubmatic, Inc. For this customer we are developing and supporting the Mocean mobile platform, a solution that provides ad publishers with a personal white label service for ad delivery via the guaranteed display model.

RSC Group

RSC group is the leading Russian developer of liquid-cooled supercomputer solutions. The Bitworks team helps RSC to create unique and innovative supercomputing environment management systems that facilitate and bring deployment, diagnostics and cluster monitoring to a whole new level of availability.

Sentrana, Inc.

Sentrana’s area of business is Data Science. Leveraging the expertise in big data analysis and machine learning, the engineers and scientists at Sentrana create products that help companies to analyze data and make forecasts. Sentrana cooperates with one of the largest retailers in the US (Sysco). We help Sentrana professionals to develop efficient computational algorithms for Apache Spark using models developed on R.

NetPoint hosting provider

NetPoint is a hosting service provider offering shared hosting, server rental, server co-location and virtual server- and data storage rental. We provide NetPoint services for integrating software with telecom hardware components, and deploy, manage and maintain SDS Ceph systems, PaaS Cloudstack, and Odin- (Parallels) and ISPSystem products.

SJ-Platform Stream Data Processing Platform

SJ-Platform is a real time stream processing platform designed for building both simple and complex event processing (CEP). SJ-Platform uses Apache Messos, Kafka and T-streams to construct scalable and flexible processing algorithms. SJ-Platform functions on the same principle as Apache Samza, but enables exactly-once processing and provides an integrated solution with a RESTful interface, JavaScript UI and an ad hoc repository for modules, services, streams and other data processing pipeline components.

T-streams Transactional Message Transport

T-streams is an embeddable library for JVM designed for messaging between distributed agents via transactions in PUB-SUB mode. T-streams is designed for reliable message delivery with queue persistence and replay support. T-streams has unique features as compared to the Kafka broker and may be used to replace it in message exchange where exactly-once processing is required. T-streams is the transport kernel of another product of ours, Juggler.

CloudStack-UI – an Alternative Frontend For Apache CloudStack

CloudStack-UI is our in-house open-source product first released in the April, 2017. It enables IaaS, PaaS providers, system integrators and other solution providers using Apache CloudStack as a part of their products to give their end users modern, easy to interact with cloud management UI developed with up-to-date technological stack (Angular 2, Typescript, MDL). We consider it especially suitable solution for the companies that plan to launch public AWS-style cloud for IaaS or PaaS products.


The basic technologies we use in our developments include:
  • Frameworks
    • Material Design Lite
    • ZeroMQ
    • Akka
    • Apache Mesos
    • Apache Spark
    • Apache Hadoop
    • Play Framework
    • Angular 2
    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • Tornado
  • Data management
    • Apache Kafka
    • RabbitMQ
    • Apache Cassandra
    • Apache Zookeeper
    • Aerospike
    • Redis
    • Memcached
    • ElasticSearch
    • PostgreSQL
    • MongoDB
    • MySQL
    • SQLite
  • Languages
    • JavaScript
    • TypeScript
    • Java
    • Scala
    • Python
  • Integration
    • Jenkins
    • Ansible
    • Docker
    • Puppet
    • Maven
    • SBT
    • Mantl
  • General
    • Domain-driven design
    • Test driven development
    • Continuous Integration
    • Git-flow
    • Scrum

Bitworks is a developer of scalable software solutions with high availability that need:

  • big data analysis and data mining and machine learning;
  • high-performance, scalable, high-load, distributed architecture server components;
  • microservice approach based on loosely coupled agents.

We can deliver the most value to customers who need to create a product that works in a sophisticated application domain, with high project failure risks due to underestimated project complexity or inadequate expertise of the performing party, and where the architecture has to be carefully elaborated and compared to similar approaches using a viable PoC, and high quality has to be maintained by having IT professionals of different profiles in the same R&D department: developers, QA engineers, system administrators, technical writers and project managers.

As of now, our team includes over 40 IT professionals and other miscellaneous personnel.

In the course of project delivery we aim not only at meeting customers’ requirements but also strive to maintain high quality at every stage so that further project development will be straightforward and predictable.

We use best development practices, such as PoC, DDD, continuous integration, Scrum, automated and manual QA and Git-flow.