NetPoint hosting provider

NetPoint is a hosting service provider offering shared hosting, server rental, server co-location and virtual server- and data storage rental. We provide NetPoint services for integrating software with telecom hardware components, and deploy, manage and maintain SDS Ceph systems, PaaS Cloudstack, and Odin- (Parallels) and ISPSystem products.

In working with NetPoint, we have developed various fields of expertise in creating software for telecom companies; we have learned the peculiarities of hardware platforms from Cisco Systems (switches and routers), Juniper Networks (perimeter security devices), Brocade (BigIron and NetIron CER/MLX(e)/XMR routers), Dell Force10, Extreme Networks and many others; and we have learned how to build flexible solutions for telecom companies with server software running on GNU/Linux and utilizing cutting edge networking technologies (OpenFlow, Open vSwitch, VXLAN, MPLS) and virtual computing technologies (KVM, Xen, LXC, Docker, Cgroups).

Our team now has the skills that enable us to speak the same language as our customers' ITSM providers and understand the specifics of their operation and requirements in the application domain. Besides this, during this period of collaboration Bitworks' project teams have gained substantial experience in working together with ITSM providers in compliance with ITIL. Bitworks employs ITIL Foundation certified professionals.

Following technologies are used in project

  • Frameworks
    • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Data management
    • PostgreSQL
  • Languages
    • JavaScript
    • Python
  • Integration
    • Ansible
    • Docker
  • General
    • Git-flow
    • Scrum