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Mocean mobile is an SAAS advertising platform for Publishers and advertising agencies and networks (Advertisers). The platform is oriented both towards traditional delivery on the web and also to mobiles, offering targeting via criteria peculiar to mobiles: device location, type and features, carrier, etc.

The platform provides clients with white label solutions with full user interface branding and own domains for ad serving. The client receives a dedicated ad management system to invite ad publishers into. The project implements an advanced reporting system: real time grouping and filtering by multiple query parameters, devices, ad campaigns, web sites, etc. Mocean makes traffic volume forecasts and estimates the free traffic that can be sold. The platform’s features are the integration with many third-party ad networks, allowing traffic to be sold to a third party without inviting specific ad publishers into the ad serving system. Advanced SOAP API interface grants access to all system management mechanisms and reports.

Collaboration history

Bitworks is working with Pubmatic's R&D centers in the US (Silicon Valley, New York) and India (Pune).
In 2008 we commenced working on the Mocean project for the Mojiva start-up. In 2014 Mojiva was acquired by Pubmatic, Inc. For this customer we are developing and supporting the Mocean mobile platform, a solution that provides ad publishers with a personal white label service for ad delivery via the guaranteed display model.
Among all our deliverables to Pubmatic within the scope of the Mocean Mobile projects, we would highlight the following:

  • ad server kernel development (AdServer)
  • user interface and SOAP API development
  • analytical kernel development (Data Mining, ETL)
  • independent testing of the kernel, API and UI
  • technical documentation for the project
  • maintaining operation of the delivered components 8x5

As of this article creation date, the cumulative effort by the Bitworks team invested in the Mocean project translates into 180 man-years.

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Following technologies are used in project

  • Frameworks
    • Apache Spark
    • Apache Hadoop
    • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Data management
    • Apache Kafka
    • Apache Cassandra
    • Apache Zookeeper
    • Memcached
    • PostgreSQL
  • Languages
    • JavaScript
    • Java
  • General
    • Git-flow