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🚀 Savant Computer Vision Framework v0.2.7 is out: New demos, Prometheus/Grafana, Buffer Adapter, extended GPU support

This is a repost from the original release notes announcement published in the Savant blog.

Savant 0.2.7 was released on February 7, 2024. The release includes several bug fixes, four new demos, and other enhancements, including documentation and benchmarking.

Savant crossed the 400-star band on GitHub, and Discord is now the place must-have-to-join. The work on the release took three months. In the following sections, we will cover essential parts of the release in detail.

IMPORTANT: Savant 0.2.7 is the last feature release in the 0.2.X branch. The following releases in the 0.2.X branch will be maintenance and bugfix releases. The feature development switches to the 0.3.X branch based on DeepStream 6.4 and WILL NOT support the Jetson Xavier family because Nvidia does not support them with DS 6.4.

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🚀 Savant Computer Vision Framework v0.2.6 is out: New demos and Jetson Orin Nano

The latest update from Savant, version 0.2.6, marks a significant milestone with the platform surpassing 300 stars on GitHub and an active community on Discord. This update, which was developed over a period of one and a half months, brings a host of new features and improvements that we will delve into.

For those interested in exploring the update, you can find it on GitHub at Savant’s Release Page.

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Unlocking the Future of Video Analytics: Dive Deep with Kafka and KeyDB

In today’s digital age, computer vision applications can be broadly categorized into two groups. The first group offers swift, real-time image or video processing, alerting users about urgent situations such as vehicular accidents, individuals in hazardous areas, or major disruptions in industrial settings. The second group, on the other hand, processes data either on-demand or with some delay, aiming to provide insights on a larger scale. While both groups deal with video data, their operational nuances are distinct and noteworthy.

This piece will touch upon the real-time applications but will delve deeper into the latter category, shedding light on its significance.

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🚀 Savant Computer Vision Framework v0.2.5 is out: More Features Improving Developer Experience

We are proud to present you with a new Savant version — 0.2.5. We worked on the release for more than 2.5 months. It contains significant changes, new features, and bug fixes in several fields, but primarily, we improved developer experience and deployment features.

Nvidia hardware! Here’s what’s new:

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