CloudStack-UI 1.411.25 is Out

On November 23, 2018 we released Cloudstack-UI 1.411.25. In this iteration, we introduced a feature for VM snapshots management via UI. The team also continued developing the Log View UI-plugin and implemented the time format configuration to make log filtering by time more convenient for a user. Besides, we enhanced details sidebar component for all sections and fixed a number of interface bugs. Below you can find the detailed description for main enhancements and fixes.

Log View time format for filtering

Working at the release, the team improved the Log View UI-plugin allowing a user to set the Date and Time filtering parameter in a convenient format. Depending on the time format set under the “Settings” section (12-hour or 24-hour) the Date and Time log filtering parameter looks as follows:

12-hour time format. A user can define values from 1 to 12 for “hours” in the Start date and the End date fields, and then select AM or PM nearby.

24-hour time format. A user can define values from 00 to 23 for “hours” in the Start date and the End date fields. No AM / PM selector is available in this case.

Virtual Machine Snapshots introduced

In the new version of the product we presented a new feature enabling Virtual Machine snapshots management. A new subsection is added to the “Snapshots” section. Under it a user can view the list of existing Virtual Machine snapshots and perform actions with them.

To move to the VM snapshots subsection a user can use the “Volume/VM” switch button at the top. The snapshots can be viewed in a list or card format. For each snapshot in the list a user can see a snapshot name, the creation date, the display name of the virtual machine the snapshot belongs to. The list can be filtered by accounts (available for Administrators), virtual machines and a creation date.

For each snapshot in the list the following actions are available:

  • Revert VM to snapshot,
  • Delete snapshot.

The feature is currently under development.

Details Sidebar resizing

In the current release, we improved Details Sidebar making its width adjustable in all sections. A user can resize the sidebar by dragging its edge. A minimum allowed width is 330 px and a maximum one is 660 pх.

The set sidebar width is saved to user tags. When exiting and then entering the system back a user can work with the sidebar of the same adjusted width convenient for him or her.

Bug fixes

During the iteration out team fixed interface bugs that improved the following interface components:

  • Color picker for a virtual machine;
  • Service offering selecting component;
  • Resource usage panel;
  • VM Data disks in the VM details sidebar.

Deployment instructions

The release can be found at GitHub releases:

Prepared Docker image is available at DockerRegistry. You can pull it with:

docker pull

The project changelog is here:

Deployment guide and project info can be found at GitHub pages:

Release 1.411.26 expectations

The next release is expected to include the following features and updates:

  1. Proceed with the Log View plugin development: configuring of logs viewing in a real-time mode via the configuration file.
  2. Implementing VM grouping by standard CloudStack means avoiding using tags.
  3. The “Settings” section rearranging.
  4. VM snapshot management: viewing VM snapshot details in the details sidebar under the “Snapshots” section.

Community message

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  • Share the information about the project and the release in social media;
  • Mark the GitHub repository with a star to support the project;
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