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The service is developed to address the problem of initial account creation for CloudStack-based clouds. Out-of-the-box, CloudStack doesn’t support new user-created accounts, but they have to be created someway. Usually, there are two approaches:

  • manual account provisioning by authorized persons through CloudStack UI or API;
  • account provisioning through a billing system.

Both ways listed above are not ideal from the usability perspective – the first one requires efforts from the authorized persons and leaves room for human errors, which lead to customer dissatisfaction and slow down the operation. The second one can significantly decrease the conversion of registrations because it involves an intermediate step, which requires a user to move through the billing system and order the cloud service from the services dashboard. The second approach also requires you to deploy such a billing system, which is not always required, as well as to implement the integration code between the billing and the CloudStack for account provisioning.

The Solution

To deal with the problem we implemented a standalone registration service which can be used in various clouds to solve the user registration task. The service can be deployed for the clouds that require completely autonomous cloud user registration and for the clouds where authorized persons manage registrations.

Despite the fact that the service supports a significant number of features listed below, it can be customized if alternative behavior is required.

Functional Features

  • multilingual registration;
  • high-conversion two-step registration process with e-mail confirmation;
  • protection from duplicated identifiers on the first step;
  • protection from automated registrations, implemented with reCAPTCHA v3 and GeoIP-based blacklist;
  • password and usernames recovery with e-mail;
  • secure account removal with e-mail confirmation (GDPR);
  • provision of default security group rules from preconfigured templates;
  • management of cloud resource limits during the registration process;
  • virtual machine deployment from configured service offerings and templates;
  • moderated registration with confirmation of authorized person;
  • 3rd-party service callback upon registration completion;
  • comprehensive error reporting to authorized person by e-mail;
  • support of custom account attributes (e.g. coupons, additional contact information, and more);
  • custom localizable e-mail templates;

Technical Features

  • SMTP e-mail delivery support;
  • CORS support implemented;
  • completely headless RESTful application, JSON-based protocol;
  • MySQL used as a backing store;
  • deployed as a Docker application.


The application is licensed for use with a specific installation of CloudStack. The license is granted for a period of 1 year and includes access to all updates, incident support, fixing of found bugs, and assistance in integration within the existing functionality.

The cost of the license does not include additional expenses of the supplier to implement the missing functions at the request of the licensee. The cost of a license varies depending on the use case and cloud topology.

Licensing Models

The following licensing models are provided:

  • source code license;
  • cloud region-wide license;
  • CloudStack domain-wide license;

Default Licensing Terms

  • Annual licensing (1 year);
  • Electronic license;
  • Payments: wire transfer;
  • The software is provided in the electronic form;
  • Issue management: Helpdesk system;
  • Issue response time: 24 hours;
  • Issue resolution time: contractual;
  • New features implementation: contractual;
  • Custom frontend implementation: contractual;
  • User Acceptance Testing Period: 1 month.

For pricing and demo please contact us via form below or e-mail: cloudstack@bitworks.software.

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